Gabi is special. She is what your soul needs when you’re not sure what will help.
— Jill, North Carolina

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Gabi is special. She is what your soul needs when you're not sure what will help. She listens with her whole heart, advises with her kind spirit and pushes you to gently challenge your belief system. Gabi helped me identify something that was holding me back, and the very next day I could feel a difference. If you need inspiration, joy, or encouragement to take the next step, reach out to Gabi. You'll love that you did.

Jill, North Carolina


I am so incredibly grateful to have had Gabi as a coach in writing and in life! She has given me the courage I need to make good on my dreams and turn them into a living reality. I leave every Skype session with her feeling more grounded, empowered, grateful, and enthused. Gabi has a natural gift for smart, heartfelt encouragement, and she couples that with the uncanny ability to sense what a person is looking to experience on a soul level. Thanks to her I feel more in touch with my inner guidance and clear about my life direction. Steps that previously seemed daunting to me are now actions I can't wait to take. Previous fears have become silly objections I can laugh at and conquer. All of life's challenges have become positive opportunities for growth. If that weren't enough, over the course of just a few months, my previously abandoned drafts turned into polished book manuscripts. I rediscovered the joy in my writing process and confidently branched out into new creative endeavors, too. And the best part is I now find myself growing and improving all the time, in all areas of my life, simply by anticipating the energy of our next session.  

Susan, Los Angeles, California